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Tattoo Aftercare

If you take good care of your new tattoo in the first days and weeks, you'll be rewarded with a tattoo that retains its ink. Tattoo artists want you to follow their instructions, since you are wearing their work, which has a bearing on their reputation. Here is a list of instructions you will receive after your tattoo.


First Day:

1. Remove the sterile bandage within one to two hours after you leave the studio. It is not necessary to apply another bandage.

2. Wash the tattoo briefly using a mild soap with just your hand; never use a wash cloth. Rinse with warm water for at least 10 minutes. This should only be done on the first day after getting your tattoo.

3. Ice the tattoo for 10 minutes and blot dry. Apply Aquaphor (or Aquatat) sparingly until healed (usually around seven to ten days). It is VERY IMPORTANT that both your hands are clean before applying ointment; oils may fester into a tattoo and cause an infection.


Second Day & Until Healed:

1. Wash tattoo with cool water, blot dry, and apply recommended lotion.

2. Approximately two days after you receive your tattoo, a protective scab will form. DO NOT pick, scratch, or otherwise tamper with the scab. It is there for your protection and will fall off on its own within seven to ten days. It is likely your tattoo will itch during the healing process, DO NOT SCRATCH!

3. Keep your tattoo away from water as much as possible while it is healing. DO NOT let the force of the water from the shower head spray directly onto the tattoo. DO NOT soak in a hot tub or hot bath (brief showers are recommended).

4. Keep your tattoo out of the sun and tanning beds during the healing process. A sunburned tattoo takes three times longer to heal and usually will end up with faded-out colors.

5. DO NOT allow your healing tattoo to be exposed to dirt, grease, sand, oil, or any unclean condition. If you work around grease or oil, or are otherwise exposed to contaminated conditions, be sure to wear a garment that is heavy enough to protect the tattoos while it is healing.

6. DO NOT wear nylons or pantyhose over a healing tattoo, this may cause infection.


Your tattoo should be healed after two or three weeks, but you should still watch your sun exposure. Remember, tattoos don't like the sun. 

Please take note that you were tattooed in a clean/sanitary environment. Sterile tubes, new needles, and individual ink service containers are used for each client.



If you have any questions or concerns during your tattoo’s healing process,

 please don’t hesitate to call.

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