All piercings and piercing services (custom sizing, stretching, inserting jewelry, etc.) are by appointment.
Please allow 24 hours notice when making your appointment,
you can email roadhousetattoosny@gmail.com or text (716)574-0402 to book.
You must be 18 or older with valid identification to get a piercing.
If you are 17 or under you must have a parent or legal guardian present with valid I.D.
A friend or family member with the same last name will not suffice.
Even though it is possible to get a piercing under the age of 18 with parent consent,
we still have age restrictions for certain piercings.
This is due to the fact that at younger ages it is not as easy for piercings to
heal as well as they would when the body is full grown.
Please understand that this decision is for the well-being of our younger clients.
Below you can find a chart that lists our minimum age requirement for most piercings.
The only piercing we will perform under 15 years old is lobes, our minimum for lobes is 8 years old.
Please remember that not all piercings are suited for everyone due to varying anatomy.
Having a piercing on your body is a very unique and personal experience.
Every piercing can vary depending on the body part,
your body’s healing process and how you take care of it after.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding your new piercing,
always feel comfortable asking your piercer for general information.
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