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Meet The Team


Joe Marzolf

Tattoo Artist/Owner

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Born and raised in the suburbs of Buffalo, New York, Joe Marzolf has been tattooing for over thirty years. Joe began his career back in 1981 when he headed down to North Carolina and started drawing for a southern tattoo parlor, then apprenticing, where he gained a solid foundation in tattooing. Joe honed and shared his talent up and down the eastern coast, tattooing in studios in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania, learning to pierce along the way. Joe then ended up right back in western New York; upon his return he dabbled in a few other professions: he is a certified welder, can tend a mean bar, and has bounced many drunken fools, while continuing to tattoo on the side. In 1997, he decided to return full-time to his passion and opened Roadhouse Tattoos and Body Piercings in Holland. Joe’s unique style ranges from fine line portraiture, to bold and vivid color pieces, his tribal is unrivaled and he creates the most distinctive black and grey you will find in these parts of NY. Joe’s extraordinary attention to detail has won him countless awards; Joe is an artist first and foremost and strives to individualize every tattoo, custom-tailoring them to each client.


Kathy Marzolf

Operations Manager

Kathy is the wife of owner, Joe Marzolf, and stepped in as Operations Manager in 2020. You can find Kathy in the studio assisting with your appointments, helping with your jewelry and merchandise needs, and making sure the studio is kept at its highest standard of cleanliness.


Amanda Marzolf

Piercing Artist/Operations Assistant

Amanda is the daughter of Joe and Kathy Marzolf. She has been working at Roadhouse for over 10 years, underwent a rigorous piercing apprenticeship and has been piercing for over 10 years. Amanda is trained in First Aid and Bloodborn Pathogen safety and always maintains a sterile environment which allows all clients to feel at ease.

Amanda has a BA in Design & Dance from Buffalo State College. While in school she focused in fiber arts which led her to creating her own brand, Aura Adornments. Alongside piercing at the studio, Amanda works full time as the Executive Assistant to the Dean of The School of the Professions at Buffalo State College. 

If you'd like to make an appointment for a piercing or have any piercing related questions, please email

Dawn Burlar




Bio coming soon!

Dawn Burlar came to Roadhouse Tattoos over 4 years ago, with an impressive portfolio and the dream of becoming a tattoo artist.  Dawn is a meticulous artist, spending years learning and practicing her tattoo skills under the mentorship of Tattoo Joe.  Bring her your thoughts and ideas and she’ll be happy to work with you to find the design that is perfect for you!


On a personal note, Dawn’s roots are in Hamburg, where she raised her three beautiful daughters.  Dawn is also a veterinary assistant at Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center, where she has worked for the past 11+ years.  In her spare time, Dawn enjoys hiking, fishing, and hanging out with her dog, Dahlia.  Animals and art have been a lifelong passion for Dawn!


In Loving Memory of
Bill Masur

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